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On the way - through life and around the world - this blog consists of Vagablonds stories, thoughts and ideas.
The blog is divided into categories: 365 consist of everyday stories, updates, current travel experiences and the like. OUT & ABOUT gives you a glimpse of Vagablonds mind. VOYAGER involves anything travel-related; memoirs, advice, impressions.. The supersmart BLOND informs and the love for food category EAT explains itself.. QUOTES - a collection of Vagablonds faves.

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365 Posted on 2011-02-03 23:56:34

3 days till departure and the to-do´s are many.

Apart from packing, which I always do last-minute, I shall open a new bank account, invest time at the hairdresser, doublecheck visa and vaccinations, clean the house, buy a domain and start a new website, teach mathematics, carry out 2 days of expense claims work, sell an ipad, apply for a couple of jobs, spend maximum amount of time with family and friends, get slim and wealthy and learn as much as possible about Argentina.

Pleasant stress!

Vagablond- out&about

Heia Norge

ÆØÅ Posted on 2011-02-03 23:36:20

Noen ting funker rett og slett bare på norsk – og de har jeg tenkt og lagre under kategorien “Heia Norge“

Dere vet, det og finne andres forståelse for kjœrligheten (avhengigheten?) til norsk melkesjokolade er ikke alltid like enkelt. Og det er ikke alle som synes det er veldig morsomt med ironi og ordspill utenfor Norges grenser. Og ikke alle er like fascinert av fenomenet solskinn.

Det er deilig og vœre norsk – i verden!

Good bye Norway

365 Posted on 2011-02-03 23:19:41

I´ve now spent a year in Norway – and for those who know me; she`s overdue!

My blood is rushing and my mind is already on new adventures.

After obtaining my masters and living abroad for some time I returned to Norway a year ago. With me I brought not only lots of laundry, but a set of mixed feelings. I felt extremely good about returning to my family, to be with friends, have a career and to spend time in nature –

however, I was depressed knowing I didn´t really want to return – yet?

I once again find myself on the doorstep – heading out – but letting you follow this time.

Vagablond – out and about.