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On the way - through life and around the world - this blog consists of Vagablonds stories, thoughts and ideas.
The blog is divided into categories: 365 consist of everyday stories, updates, current travel experiences and the like. OUT & ABOUT gives you a glimpse of Vagablonds mind. VOYAGER involves anything travel-related; memoirs, advice, impressions.. The supersmart BLOND informs and the love for food category EAT explains itself.. QUOTES - a collection of Vagablonds faves.

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EAT Posted on 2011-02-11 12:38:58

My favourite dish in Spain is Gazpacho – serve it ice cold on a hot day and you feel your body revitalizes!

Directions for 2 persons (if not in Spain)

1. In a blender combine the veggies you have, but basically you need: two tomatoes, half a cucumber, as much garlic as you like, half an onion, a green bell pepper quarter, a pimento and 1,5 cups tomato juice. Blend at high speed to puree the vegetables. Add some tasty olive oil (4-5 tablespoons) and vinegar (1-2ts) and S&P as you like.

2. Cover it and refrigerate till it is well chilled:)

3. Chop whatever veggies you have to serve as accompaniments with the soup: My favourites are: onion, tomato, cucumber, roasted pine-seeds, avocado, garlic/chili. Breadlovers add croutouns and voíla: BUEN PROVECHO

Directions for 2 persons (if in Spain)

1. Buy a litre of gazpacho at the supermarket, add chopped veggies and voíla: BUEN PROVECHO!


OUT & ABOUT Posted on 2011-02-11 12:22:35

Sitting on the terrace with my computer and a pile of books about Argentina- enjoying the sunshine and a cup of delicious coffee!

The mind is travelling – and as always I need a plan for what I will do next – after this trip. If the plan is realized or not – doesn´t really matter – the important thing is to have a plan.

So – what to do next?

Current plan is “to take it as it comes”. If I get a job offer – I will consider it. If I don´t, I will continue searching. But, the backhandplan is important. The rough draft.

I´ve learned plans always change along the way – so you have to be openminded to changes and let things evolve as you go. Last couple of days I´ve invested in health psychology research. Field of psychology fascinates me – I touched some topics during my studies, such as business psychology, organizational behaviour and change/motivation management. Wouldn´t it be interesting to convert these subjects into a more personal level – regarding nutrition, sports and health? All put into a setting that involves travel and rehabilitation? Oh yes – I now let you have a peek at my vision.

However, a good friend of mine tells me you shouldn´t share plans as they occur, because they might not happen after all and people get expectations to your plans and start nagging about it – is it then better not to share and not have anyone tell you “So, what happened with that plan about…..?” Or “Why did you not stick to the idea you had…?”

I believe it is ok to change plans. Important is that we steer in a direction, towards a vision we have or an ultimate goal. I often get to hear “..but, weren´t you supposed to …?”

I have a direction and I have still a LONG way to go. But then again, what should I do of I had “arrived” already? Just function? Earn money, spend money.

No- I still need movement – intellectually and physically.

What direction are you going? Have you yet realized some parts of yourself?

Feel free to respond in any language:)

I will go make myself another cup of coffe.

Vagablond – out&about