My favourite dish in Spain is Gazpacho – serve it ice cold on a hot day and you feel your body revitalizes!

Directions for 2 persons (if not in Spain)

1. In a blender combine the veggies you have, but basically you need: two tomatoes, half a cucumber, as much garlic as you like, half an onion, a green bell pepper quarter, a pimento and 1,5 cups tomato juice. Blend at high speed to puree the vegetables. Add some tasty olive oil (4-5 tablespoons) and vinegar (1-2ts) and S&P as you like.

2. Cover it and refrigerate till it is well chilled:)

3. Chop whatever veggies you have to serve as accompaniments with the soup: My favourites are: onion, tomato, cucumber, roasted pine-seeds, avocado, garlic/chili. Breadlovers add croutouns and voíla: BUEN PROVECHO

Directions for 2 persons (if in Spain)

1. Buy a litre of gazpacho at the supermarket, add chopped veggies and voíla: BUEN PROVECHO!