For those planning to climb a mountain tomorrow, this veggie-gratin will ensure you make the summit!

*Delicious with a beef or pork filet

For 2 you need:

Whatever veggies you have, chop in small slices or pieces and put in a fireproof bowl. Add a good load of olive oil, salt&pepper and lots of provence herbs. Strew a handfull cheese on top and add 1 dl of cream for some extra hipgold. Approx 20 mins at 180°C

I usually use the following:

> 1-2 potatoes
> 1 chili
> 1/2 zucchini
> 1 carrot of gooood size ; )
> 1/2 broccoli
> 2-4 garlic pieces
> 1 handfull cheese
> 1 dl cream or fat milk

Don´t forget the red wine!