I arrived a humid and hot Buenos Aires yesterday around noon, local time. The flight turned out to become a movie marathon as I hadn´t seen any of the movies offered

Apropos flight;

At the gate before takeoff I saw two extremely handsome men and I was thinking “hopefully they will not be seated next to me, that be too embarrassing” (Why? I had just gotten ready for the 14hour flight dressed in a halfways-pyjama look, with a bag full of books and a bag with sweets from my mum and a face without makeup and my hairstyle similar to how I make it when I want to clean my house. AH – not to forget the big, woollen socks my sister knitted me for christmas!)

The two men were wearing stylish slim suits and did not have to worry about hairstyles as they were almost bold – by choice of course, they were young.

In the plane no one was seated next to me and I felt extremely happy I got 3-seats by myself. The plane was full! And I had the only 3-seats for myself! BIG SMILE!

Till Emanuel – the gay chief steward came – with two extremely handsome men, telling them with his deepest apologies they had to be seated here – next to me. (I hope the apologies were because of the fact it was economy class, not because of me; where I sat, with no makeup, eating a chocolate and reading my book looking like a nerd with my glasses, woollen socks and somewhat special hairstyle.)

They sat down, smelled delicious and discussed things in Dutch. They were served drinks and magazines while the rest of us economy travellers were sweating and feeling less valuable.

Just before we taxed out to the runway, Emanuel returned with good news. Guys had got seats in first-class after all, as someone else didn´t show up. Furthermore he thanked them they travelled with Air France and he was excited to serve them for the entire flight. Bla bla.. The guys went and for a minute I was sad, but then relieved as I had a 3-seats for myself again. Till that old lady came and made herself comfortable…

At the airport I was picked up by Lucas – a stereotype bohemian Argentine – as I imagine them to be. No, not the countryside gaucho cowboy stereotype, but the city porteño stereotype; tall, dark, with ponytail and good looking. He brought me to the address I had – to Raquel, a mid 50s lady, married to Juan Carlos – looks like the king of Spain too – they have 3 adult daughters and a lovely colonial style house in the area Recoleta. High ceilings and wooden floors – the house is nice. I will stay here for a month – catching up with Spanish grammar from Monday onwards.

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