Buenos Aires = Good Winds.

As in “fresh air”?

I suppose not.

There are plenty of small fruit and vegetable shops around and as self-declared fruitoholic I almost felt blessed when I found out there was a “fruteria” just outside where I live. Juicy nectarines, massive grapes, organic apples, deep red tomatoes, lots of bananas, mangos and green things I haven´t tried (which I assume might be some kind of little pumpkin) and pineapples.

After a long and cold winter in Norway the body revives from the first tasty fruits – (which in Norway are two of a kind; the oranges/mandarines in December and strawberries in June/July) Nevertheless, my attention was drawn towards the juicy nectarines. I could already imagine the delicious taste in my mouth when I wrapped them into a piece of paper and put them in my bag – saving them for a perfect spot – to make the body-revival-seanse most perfect.

After strolling around for an hour I found the perfect spot in a park. A bench in the sun. YUMMI! As usual I don´t bother too much about peeling and took a BIG BITE. My facewas covered with juices and my mouth with disgust.

Pure pollution embodied in a nectarine.

No need to describe how I almost vomited..

General travel advices always tell you to PEEL any fruit or vegetable that is not boiled. I tricked myself into believing it was only the nectarine skin that was polluted and gently peeled it with my teeth, avoiding any tongue contact (must have looked odd)

Thereupon I took a second BIG BITE into pure nectarine flesh.

Correction: Polluted nectarine flesh.

Never having a nectarine with origin from a region of “fresh air” ever again.

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