Some people feel extremely free and powerful once they have no plan where they will be in, let´s say, everything between 5 weeks to 5 months.

Most of us know whereabout we`ll be the next 5 weeks or months. Some of us even know where we will be next years (at least where we intend to be). Luckily we do not know the future, but we know that everything we do today accumulates into the future. Both positively and negatively

If it is a study we undertake, we will in future be able to use it professionally and we grow on it, in knowledge and in experience. The more we study, the more knowledgeable we become – and the more we have to repay. The same goes for food! What I eat today has an affect on what I have to do in future/tomorrow. If I want to break even – I eat so and so. If I want to gain, I eat more. And this accummulates. If I eat lots over time, I enjoy it very much, but the price is high.

Did you end up being where you´d imagined yourself to be 5 years ago? 10 years ago? Where will you be and what are you doing in 5 years? In 10 years?

What you chose to do or in what you invested is what you have today. With luck or without. With intention or by coincidence?

Because we live, we make plans. Without a plan, the living doesn´t make much sense. Let me explain:

Waking up in the morning without a plan? Yes. Lovely, it means a day off! For a week? Oh yes, holiday, excellent! For ever? Never.

I have arrived to the point where I need plan. Again. Some people take on immediate stress once they have no plans – they are not in control of what will happen. If it is for the upcoming weekend or the next couple of weeks or the summer vacation. The size or depth of the plan is irrelevant – what matters is the level of control and ability to direct.

Being in a mental or physical state of “crossroads” I always feel extremely free and filled with the opportunity to open whatever door I want. In the beginning EVERYTHING is possible and impossible is nothing. This time I ended up in Argentina. Main reason: Spanish.

Once I`ve had this “freedom” for a while, I feel pressured. Pressured to find out what I want. Is this something that evolves from inside of me? Do all people have this need to know – to control? Is it a human drive to be in control of your own direction?

Yes. I certainly believe it is. However, being in our 20-ies these days is not easy. HA – you spoiled girl some might say, and yes, I am spoiled. Spoiled with opportunities my parents generation never had and many people worldwide don´t have. But this luxury problem is still a problem and sometimes it seems it was easier a few decades ago. People expected you to start working somewhere and be loyal to the company till the day you´d retire.

Today expectations are high – not concrete. There is nothing specified, nothing planned for us “want-it-all”-generation. We should decide for ourselves – and expectations are that we decide correctly and wisely and make the most of it.

Being in the mid 20´s demands a lot of research, thinking and investigating. The access to information is so easy and the amount of information we can collect is larger than whatever library could ever accommodate. In the past, a person could choose among 2-5 universities. Today a prosperous student can choose among all the universities that exist – which makes the desicion-making process quite more complex.

As we have so many opportunities, we tend to get undesicive. And I must be one of the worst-case scenarios. One day I am convinced I will become a psychologist, the next day I get depressed about the thought listening to people with problems all day long and wish to become a freelance writer – just take care of myself and don´t bother too much about others. The day passes and again the “angel” on my right shoulder tells me I must engage in other people´s lives! I have the capacity and ability to help someone! Then again – I just want to be rich – why bothering about someone elses health or problems when I can enter a huge consulting firm and make my way all up to the top? And then I feel depressed knowing I would be one of a thousand in a large corporation – have my own desk and all the benefits I desire – but spending all my days in an office where I cannot breath. AND SO IT GOES ON AND ON AND ON…

Luckily I have a vision – I just don´t know how to realize it. Yet. I do indeed want to help people, to participate for the better in someones lives (maybe this is what women have in them and why we become mums?), I wish to be wealthy and I wish to be flexible in terms of indoor/outdoor and movement. Suggestions anyone?

How do other people think?

Are you in your 20´s, making desicions and meeting crossroads? Have you yet decided?

It must be an extreme relief to know exactly what you want. Then you simply have to follow all the steps towards that particular goal. If it is to become a bilingual bellydancer, you simply start that language course and move to an Arabe country to practice those moves.

I have a distant vision – which might be realized in 10 years or so. I need to collect experience and depending on factors such as whether I still have the motivation and guts, whether I have the means and support. And a trigger..

Nah. I will just marry rich.

Vagablond – out&about

PS: doing freelance translations at the moment, language triangle Norwegian-German-English.