I have a thing for blueberry scones,

cappuccino and high-tech phones

(only thing that rhymed with scones. I have an old sonyerricson which refuses to function from time to time.. no high-tech here, but in my imaginary world I am all about high-tech! anyway.. Poem continues)

Today it controlled me,

my inner beast,

I had two scones and an ice cream

– at least

Living big city life is a pleasure indeed,

but all these cafés lead to temptations and needs,

needs of wants and must-haves

I cannot control,

and once inside Starbucks,

I loose it all.

At Starbucks I put low,

my “shoulds” and no-no,

I order some scones and

coffes to-go.

If I don´t leave, but decide to stay,

someone should warn me, inform me,

it is NOT okay!

A double macciato and a müsli-bar,

followed by an espresso and a yoghurt-jar,

to cool off; a frappé,

and then an ice-latte,

before the temptation of a strawberrycake,

and last a desicion I did not make;

to volunteer for new tastes and flavours

of cupcakes and muffins,

a sinful behaviour!

And off I went,

feeling guilty, head bent..

skipping the gym for a caloric event,

to vote for a muffin with a choco-mint-accent!

(At least I use my right to vote!)

Knowing tomorrow will be a low-cal day,

where inner beasts better

be out of my way,

but we ladies,

we go on and we still feel okey,

we need it,

we want it

and it is a blessing

one could say… (but just on this particular day)

To obey a sin,

be it pride or lust,

is never win-win,

but to us it´s a must;

to dig into chocolates and other temptations,

to become high on sugar

and receive that ecstatic Starbucks salvation.

Cupcakes, sweets, chocs and cakes

In the end we complain

about stomach-aches!

but is the ache

caused by it the intake of sweets – that sum up to a myriad?

The more I think,

the better it gets,

an excuse we have,

and we name it our period!

Happy days of PMS!

Vagablond -out&about