Oh yes,

I am continuing these classes. Very very seductive this dance. What seemed boring in the beginning now becomes scarily fascinating. I dance with “everything”; a 14-year old, gum-chewing girl in yellow crocs, a 76-year old grandfather with a sixpence reaching me to my shoulders, a sweaty dance instructor, a friend, myself, chairs and bars. The music seemed to slow, the movements too much”look-at-us-how-passionate-we-are”. But, I tell you, try some classes, it makes you feel SO feminine and SO gooood. And the men are so proud and straight and elegant!

The best part is however the fact that I CAN BUY NEW SHOES -without doubting the necessity of it!

I need new high-heels, because noone dance without a pair of sexy high-heels.

Tomorrows to-do-list:

Pick up laundry (boring)

Run 10k (worthwhile)

Learn 10 new words in Spanish (so-so)

BUY SHOES! (Wuhuuuuuuuuuuuuu!)

Vagablond – out&allabouttango