And haaaaaaatchooo!

The last couple of days I have been accompanied by a coldsmiley The season is changing and autumn is about to arrive. More winds, more rain and colder evenings. The leaves fall from the trees and the boutiques are all filled with fall/winter fashion items. Lots of fur, leather and brown/grey tones.. Buh..

So, with a toilet rol in my handbag I went up and dowm streets today, searching a temporary job. Maybe as a waitress, maybe as an English teacher.. Alternatives are either to volunteer or continue studying Spanish. None of the two are very economic, even I figured that out! That PAYING to work somewhere, which is the case of volunteering, isn´t really worthwhile.

Red-nosed, with watery eyes and frequent sneeze-intervalls, I must say the day didn´t bring as many fruits as I had hoped for. Tomorrow is another.

Vagablond – haaaatchooooo