Sitting at another charming café with my morning cappuccino and a table delicately prepared for a long-haul breakfast. Monday. 9:30. People rush by in their suits, in taxis, on bikes, with headphones, without, stressed or not. All kind of people, with all kind of destinations (mainly offices it seems).

At my table however, time stands still. Everthing around me is moving fast. I am at pause.


The smell of freshly baked bread.

The yet unread newspaper.

I make myself comfortable and enjoy every little thing about not being in movement or in a hurry like the rest of the world around me.

Pooring some juice. Reading about Christina (la presidente). Ordering another coffee. Not bothered about doing the dishes…

An hour passes and I am satisfied. Filled with sufficient coffeine and news I am ready to grasp the day.

Going out for breakfast – a well invested timeout that accumulates a certain level of happiness for the rest of the day. To be repeated!

Vagablond – out&about