To my unpleasant surprise I woke up this morning by a plummer finding himself in my room (he even more surprised/embarrassed than myself).

He turned, bumped his toolbox into the door, woke up the rest of the house, closed the door gently and appologized 100 times meanwhile I jumped up, shouted “QUE?”, had a way too high pulse at this time of the day, rolled out of bed, noticed a very bad bed-head in the mirror, got dressed. All within a nanosecond.

No water (which has a horrible domino effect you probably can imagine.. No shower. No toilet. No tooth-brushing. No COFFEE!)

As if this wasn´t enough for someone who planned to spend at least a couple of more hours in bed, but couldn´t, afraid of plummer-invasion, I decided to start the day doing some translation work. Or not. No internet!

Halleluja. Great morning.

I packed my bag and went to the gym for a shower. Then I headed to a place with another brilliant concept (to be imported to Europe!)

It is called Urban Station. For all people who needs an office for a day, a week or for a few hours – for people fed up with their own office facilities and who need a change or inspiration in a more inspiration-friendly environment than those traditional office facilities usually encounter. Wi-fi, DHL, scanners, lunch, bike rental, private or shared desks.. everything your office demon could possibly ask for!

I particularly enjoyed the space/good light, the functional and stylish design, the nice flair – and most of all; the delicious coffee:)

Vagablond – out&about