Waves fascinate me – I can stare at waves and let them have my mind drift away for hours.

I remember living in Barcelona and some days when I needed to just drift away or escape reality, the beach was my place. At sunrise or sunset – empty – when you have it all for yourself; the breeze, the sky, the sand, the waves…


The dynamics of the waves calm me. They fill me with energy, with new spirit. Waves destroy, they take silly thoughts and carry them far beyond the horizon – to the place where they vanish. The waves touch my feet and drain my soul from bad. It disappears.


The silence lets my mind travel. The sound of water. The sound of a calm breeze. The spectacular view. Where sky hits water. Where winds play. Where the sun touches earth, resting on the horizon.

Then they grow, filled with powerful, new, good energy that hits the beach, hits my feet. New strength which the waves bring from somewhere out there, waves hitting the beach, touching my feet and replacing the recent created spaces of emptiness with freshness, with new strength and


Recent and current waves have hit many. They have accumulated over long time and have grown into immense sizes. Latent powers, found beyond our Earth’s surface or within us. They are gigantic and extremely powerful and nothing like the waves I usually have in mind. And they hit hard. Very hard.

Japan. Waves of disaster.

Egypt. Syria. Madrid. Waves of unrest.

Libya. Côte d´Ivoire. Waves of war.

Waves destroy.

Waves drain.

Waves leave emptiness.

Waves replace.

Waves create.

My thoughts to all – I wish you find happiness in the end, too.

Vagablond – out&about