Yesterday we visited a family run bodega in Maipu where they had just finished this years harvest of wine grapes. Mainly Malbec, but others as well. All organic farming..

I was rude enough to ask if they would take us around the facilities – and the lady was so nice she followed us around and even explained us everything of he complex wine production process – from the harvest to the kind of glue they use for their bottles etiquettes (glued on manually btw..) – and we were invited to taste some of their wines before walking up and down the winefields, taking pictures and enjoying the beautiful view of green olive fields, autumn coloured wine plants and areas of deserts at the foot of snowcovered Andes mountains. We could even see the Tupungato volcano in the horizon as the sky was so clear! (6.550 metres)

As we ended up buying a couple of bottles we now have to buy a bag to be able to check in the luggage on tonights return flight to Buenos Aires. And – since we buy a bag we suddenly have so much luggage space it would be a shame not to go loco in all the mountain/sports gear shops around here.

Mendoza actually consists of these shops only and the people who are into trekking, climbing, skiing etc run tours and expeditions and you find just as many tour organizors as you find gear shops.. A rafting/trekking/wine tasting mekka:) So, no time to loose – off to do some shopPING!

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