I was just uploading some of my (must admit) BEAUTIFUL shots of mount
Aconcagua and the Andes when I questioned myself – what are the other 5
summits out of the 7 which are on my “to-do/see-before-I-die-list”?

As I considered Mt Elbrus last year, I was confident about Europes
highest peak. In Africa there really is Kilimanjaro only, apart from Mt
Kenya. And North-America I know – do you?
I forgot about the name of that Antarctic peak – and in Australia I just know Uluru.

Would you have known?

ASIA – Mt EVEREST (8,848m/29,029ft)

SOUTH AMERICA – ACONCAGUA (6,962 m/22,841 ft)

NORTH AMERICA – Mt MCKINLEY (6,198 m/20,335 ft)

AFRICA – KILIMANJARO (5,893 m/19,334 ft)

EUROPE – ELBRUS (5,642 m/18,510 ft) (Mt Blanc is 4,810m/15,781 ft)

ANTARCTICA – VINSON MASSIF (4,892 m / 16,050 ft)
(maybe not on my to-do-list after all. Just checked the weather and its
currently -48°C there -and real feel temperature is -78°C.. Climbing
season is January-March – summer months, when temperature average -30°C.
Thats the temp we had last Christmas home in Norway. And it was

AUSTRALIA/OCEANIA – PUNCAK JAYA (4,884 m/ 16,024 ft)

Vagablond – out&about