I surfed the internet this morning for some motivation, and found themorningcoach.com – where Tany Mundo had published “You know you´re meant to be an entrepeneur when…”

10. You have perfected the interviewing process
because you cycle through jobs more often than you need to change the
oil in your car, in search of the perfect position

9. You wake up at 3:00 in the morning, popping out
of bed so that you can hurry up and write down that awesome idea that
you just got done dreaming about

8. You get hired as a store clerk but you are
constantly analyzing how the store could run more efficiently and be
more profitable, so you create a spreadsheet for your manager and get
into trouble for insubordination

7. You have three or more books, gone to two workshops, learned a new language, and a new computer program all this week

6. You can’t have conversations with anyone without
having to whip out your notepad because what they have said spawns all
kinds of business ideas in your mind

5. Your three-year-old knows how to say and spell
entrepreneur, return on investment, profit margin, market analysis,
business plan, and leverage, and they also can define each of them

4. Your morning commute consists of going down the stairs and into your home office (phew! what a trip!)

3. You can’t participate in conversations about what
happened last night on all of those popular television shows because
you have never even watched an episode (except for those that you have
carefully selected and recorded to be watched at your discretion)

2. All your friends and family think you are crazy
because you left that “good job with benefits” and you keep talking
about all of those goofy ideas that they think you’ll never be able to

1. You absolutely can’t wait for Monday (especially right after the holidays)!!

Its Friday – have a good weekend, soon it is Monday:)

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