I have to add a small change in my previous statement; It should be “Travelling blond rocks! Outside Norway!”

I arrived Drammen train station last night with A LOT of luggage.
As the train station in Drammen has no trolleys – and the walk way was closed for construction, it was me, my bags and the stairs.

However, I was not the only one who got off the train in Drammen – I was happy to see 7-8 big men with briefcases only. A moment afterwards happiness turned to disappointment as 7 or 8 men with briefcases passed me – one of them even stepped OVER my bag at the bottom of the stairs. I asked loud if there was an elevator somewhere around – or some help maybe – and the last of them was superpolite who cared to turn back and answer “NO”. And there I was – all alone.

Thanks for helping x 7 or 8.

Vagablond – out&about