Currently in Beirut and enjoying it to the fullest. The diversity of this city – no, pardon this country (!) is amazing. You find churches and mosques next to each other, cross-religion and cross-culture walk hand-in-hand, beach and mountains, green and desert, noise and peace.

It is difficult to select words to describe Beirut – in my book I have written down approx 80 adjectives I wanted to add in a blog post. I guess there are two however, that describe them all: DIVERSE and VIBRANT.

Daytime I spent at beaches and in cities of old times, at wineyards and castles, in the hectic downtown and walking through the souks of Beirut and along fashionable streets, having a coffe, having a tea, the most delicious food, a yoga class or just strolling for the sake of strolling. At night the city transforms into another scenery and all the diversity and vibrance you experience during the day accumulates and becomes more visible. It simply gets harder, better, faster, stronger…

I recommend the world to experience Beiruts night scene! A blend of crazyness, fun, love, culture, addiction and pleasure. You simply cant help it: you will to take off!

I was welcomed as a family member when I arrived, and as a friend among friends. I will be sad when I leave, but I am leaving with great memories. I have won a sister and new friends and I look forward to the moment in future when we meet again.

Vagablond – out&about