I arrived Riga 06:00 this morning after a long nights travel (from Beirut via Amman) and after immigration I went straight to the check-in counter to get my onwards boarding pass – just to be sure I would relax and enjoy the next 5 hours in Riga.

I took bus 22 to town, super easy and quick. At 07:00 I found myself in the middle of Riga´s old town after crossing the Daugava River. I strolled through a park and crossed tram lines on cobblestoned streets.
Elegant as in Paris and medieval as Prague and I, I had it all to my self.
Well, almost, I did see a cat and a couple of street cleaners – brushing yesterday away and making the streets ready and walkable for the hundreds of people that soon would walk and bike to and from offices, appointments and meetings. A few would have a day or a half off and enjoy an ice cream; it was a hot and sunny day.

Some places Soviet leftover bleak was visible, but colourful and well decorated house walls makes it vivid and I expect rumors to be true; it´s a cultural place. A lot of history just within few quarters.

I enjoyed the silence – which is unlikely to experience in any city. Riga however was calm – even though streets were filled at some point, people were calm.

The morning demand for coffee came with the heat of the sun and I went
to withdraw some cash – for a coffee, for breakfast, maybe later on a new
book… For the first time in my life I had no idea about the currency and I withdrew 100. A round sum.

I observed from a sidewalk café; No rush. Women here all wore dresses or skirts. Beautiful. Red lipstick, on a Wednesday. High heals. And my guess is that red hair is in.

Coffee costed 0.90. Breakfast 4.10.

Later I passed a fashionable street with lots of local design – and more well known brands. You will find mainstream in Riga- just as in all the nordic countries. And you´ll find Jil Sander. Lanvin. And a multibrand shop Kabuki. +++ I spotted this handbag from Guess. And it was sooooo cute, fitted perefct in it the size of my hand and it was soooooo affordable! It only costed 85!

Clueless and happy I arrived the airport to continue my trip to Norway, a two hour propeller flight away from Riga. I was the only one who had a two seat for myself (I had checked in at the business class counter, and had charms luck as usual 🙂 )

Checking the flight menu made me realize something about the Latvian currency and my hand bags value… But soon we were up in the clouds and my always returning question occupied my thoughts;
What are clouds? How is the air structure inside a cloud compared to just air? Why is it more turbulent inside a cloud? Ever wondered what they taste, feel or smell like?

It was a lovely low-altitude flight in the sunshine. Smooth clouds dreams mixed with a lot of sweet memories of a fantastic week. More stories to come…

Vagablond – out&about

and to be seen with this bag the next week(s):