From time to time Oslo airport arranges passport control just ouside the airplane before entering the terminal – it creates a long waiting line and I usually find it nothing but waist of time.

However, yesterday I was the wanted one!

Everybody presented their passports and passed. Easy.
The police woman asked me in English whether I came to Norway for tourism or business. I responded “none of the two”, in Norwegian, “I live here”.
She looked at me (red. notice its a she – yes? she official meeting she traveller is always a bitch), raised her eyebrow and commented;
“Well, looking at your passport doesn´t indicate anything about Norway.” She still talked to me in English as if she had just confronted a potential terrorist and her voice was l.o.u.d. People behind me in line started paying attention to the scene that she (official) had created – and as I loudly responded, to make the scene complete, “I SPEAK NORWEGIAN!” we had all the attention. Even people that had passed the control stopped and looked back. They put down their hand luggage just to stand and observe what would happen next.

She held my passport and the questioning began.

“What is your purpose in Norway?

“Get home”

“Where have you been?”

“I just arrived from Riga”

“Ok. Have you been anywhere else?”

“Yes. I´ve been to Lebanon and Jordan”

(You could now hear a sound go through the audience – as if she just had successfully stopped a potential criminal. Tension increased)



“Are you sure?”


(She passed through my passport searching the stamp. She was stressed – she couldn´t find it.)

“When are you born?” + “Where do you live?” + “What is your occupation?”

I was bombed with questions.

“What did you do in Lebanon?”

“Party, spent some days at the beach, sightseeing..”

“Are you travelling alone?”


“Well – that is strange. Will you please come with me?”

Audience was quiet. I smiled – they had just witnessed the police catch the most confident, sunburned, potential, blond terrorist one could ever spot.

I was questioned about my stay, whom I´d met and my everyday schedule. Luckily I had taken notes as I intend to do some writing about it. Then my hand luggage was checked..

Back at the terminal I noticed people talking – “look, she buys a bottle of wine!” I picked up my bag from the belt – which according to some peoples faces was a soon-to-explode bomb. Anyways – all PR is good PR and I this just added some spice to the travel.

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