And as all of us, I ask myself the question WHY?

What drives a human being to such evil?

Has this man no soul? No brain? No conscience? No heart?

Apparently not.

Newspaper DN wrote yesterday he “suffers” from a
superhero-syndrome. He had goals he needed to achieve, he wanted to rescue his
nation and his actions were classified with different values – killing gave
highest points. It is MADNESS. I have no words.

Yet I feel nothing towards this man. I despise his actions
and whatever he believes in, and I hope the people that will have to work and try
to understand and even defend him receive sufficient support.

As bizarre it may sound – I am relieved the perpetrator is a
white man.

It proves for those that may have been in doubt that this
action is just as Christian as terrorism is Muslim – there is no connection. No
religion encourages evil.

My thoughts are with my people. With Norway – a country in

Being such a small country, it warms me and gives me
strength to witness the mutual support and unity. There is no person that
should feel alone – there is room for all of us in this country. We all have a
place in the society and I sincerely hope and believe we all dig deeper into
ourselves and our surroundings after this tragedy.

We cannot change what happened; we suffer from a loss, a big

The past will however affect our future, let us not feel
hate but make this wound heal by being good to each other. Let the wound heal
into a scar that we carry with us into the future, a scar that has moved us,
maybe changed us and that will remind us..

I wish my readers and all other people in grief comfort and

“If you want to make the world a better place, take a look
at yourself and make a change.”

Vagablond – out&about