Du dung – du dung – du dung

The train is leaving.. Slowly it departs Drammen
and soon I will see the city vanish as trees and hills fill my view from seat

I am about to cross Norway – from East to
West. A 7 hour train ride.

Du dung – du dung – du dung..

I was in Stavanger not too long ago, the Norwegian
oil capital. I was certainly not there for the oil, but for fun;) My
mission this summer and year, as the summer now is passing; is to discover
Norway. Pardon, REdiscover.

Bergen, Trondheim.. cities. Fjords, mountains..

I am smiling as the train runs. Through deep
forests, passing through hundreds of tunnels or so, along a river, a lake..
Sunshine. I enjoy the ride.

After years abroad I am excited to explore this
marvellous country. The nature is nothing like elsewhere on the planet.

A little bit of the Alps, a little bit of the
Argentine Pampa and Andes, some of the lakes from Finland, rocky deserts as on
Iceland, winters as on the Northpole, sandy beaches as on the Maledives, surf
waves as those in Hawaii (only half the size and a third or maybe a fourth of
the temperature.. but waves we do have!), deep forests as in Poland,
silence…and a coast line as..

..as in Norway only.

It is beautiful, truly.

Du dung – du dung – du dung.

Re:discover Norway.

Yesterday I went up a mountain after riding an ATV
through the woods. Incredible views. The mountains in Rogaland, one of 19
Norwegian provinces, is nothing like I have ever seen before. They are round,
not edgy. Steep. And they dive deep into the fjords. Magnificent – it is so
beautiful it seems mountains are simply painted on the horizon. As if they´re
unreal. And I feel a desire to be there – in the middle of it. On top of it.
All of them; all the peaks, the hills, the rocks.

I am planning to summit Galdhøgpiggen later this
year, the highest peak in Norway (2469 m.a.s) But first, I have some unfinished
business with the mountains of Rogaland, the ones of Eastern Norway and some
re:discovering to do on Norwegian waters.

Nature & myself or in good company, just as I
like it.

And this in Norway. How lucky I am.

Vagablond –