must be wrong – with me or with the rating I just received.

Anything travel related ticks into my mailbox every day.. and
today time had come for the rating “Worlds
best cities to live in”.

Ok, Here
the top 10:

Melbourne, Australia

2) Vienna,

Vancouver, Canada

Toronto, Canada

Calgary, Canada

Sydney, Australia

Helsinki, Finland

Perth, Australia

Adelaide, Australia

Auckland, New Zealand

unless you´ve been to Canada or Australia, you haven´t experienced a “world’s
best city” yet.

And it hit me: I have never been to Canada, never been to Australia..

Canada would interest me though, Vancouver in particular.

But the top 10 list
as such didn´t really engage me in any way and I scrolled down the article
without caring to read about high living standards, income levels and qualitative
school systems as we have all heard and read this before.

Well, I lived nearby Vienna for a year, rated no 2, but among cows,
hills and in winter; insane snow falls. I must say I would choose to live elsewhere. Vienna as such, a fine place. To me somewhat
sterile. (And I don´t like the Viennese dialect)

I was about to exit the article as I coincidentally found
something indeed very engaging at the bottom of the page! The comparison:

The top
10 list of the “world’s worst cities to live in”!

Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire

Tehran, Iran

Douala, Cameroon

Karachi, Pakistan

Tripoli, Libya

Algiers, Algeria

Lagos, Nigeria

8) Port
Moresby, Papua New Guinea

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Harare, Zimbabwe

Now we’re
talking 😉

On my
travel wish list, Tehran is on top.. Karachi, yes, would interest me a
lot (and I do have a pending invitation from a man from the Pakistani government,
whom I once was seated next to on a longer plane trip)

Ok, Tripoli?
Maybe not today, but soon, hopefully… (I met two lively sisters in Beirut this summer. They had left their hometown Tripoli because of the situation. They
spoke warmly about their country and with a sparkle in their eyes that made me
become very fascinated and curious)

Then again, any African
country interests me – it is my to-be-discovered-continent! Apart from Morocco, it is all new to me. And the real Africa; oh yes, please!

I have heard Cameroon is a beautiful spot. Ranged no 3.. A
small country compared to the rest of the gigantic African countries, but it has
a great geographical variation! Did you know that Cameroon has more than 400 km
coastline, a jungle and lots of mountains? That it sometimes is referred to as the hinge of Africa? Throughout the
country there are areas of thermal springs and that Mount Cameroon, the highest mountain in Sub-Saharan West Africa, is
an active volcano! Cool, huh?

conclusion to the story is:

TOP 10: for living? Ok. Fair enough, safe spots.

TOP 10: for travelling? Yawn.

Vagablond – out&about

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