I woke up this morning,

by leaves hitting the window and

raindrops riverdancing on the roof.

Autumn on play.

No rushing deadlines today, this morning I have time..

I put on woollen socks and a big knitted sweater on top of my pyjamas.

I head upstairs and make fire in the fireplace.

The wood crackles. It is dawn.

Cold outside. Warm inside.


The sun is about to come out and wipe out any evidence of the raindrops´ night performance.. but for sure it wasn´t their last dance..

The newspaper warns flood in south-eastern Norway.

But for now, the next few hours, there will be sun.

Autumn paused.

I will have time for a run around the lake in colourful surroundings and in sunshine.

Feeling good. The coffee is delicious.

Thereafter, we´ll put autumn back on PLAY, the raindrops´ performance on repeat and the day, most likely, on fast forward.

Vagablond – out&about