Elected the national dish of Norway in the 70`s, fårikål is a winner every early autumn. I already look forward to prepare this extremely easily cooked dish and enjoy it after a day spent outdoors.

A plate of fårikål looks nothing like the colourful autumn nature, it looks undelicate and some people react to the smell of the mutton.
However, it is a poor mans delicassy and every norwegian is obliged to have a plate once a year.

Literally fårikål means “mutton in cabbage”. How you prepare it?
Throw pieces of mutton with bone, cabbage-quarters and whole black pepper into a cassserole. Cover with water and let it cook for hours. Serve it with boiled potatoes.

Feast Day (Fårikålens festdag) is celebrated on the last Thursday in September each year – so now you know what to do on Thursday!


I remember student life in Barcelona and especially a cold evening where I was longing for something that reminded me of home. I was homesick, it was autumn.. Windy and cold outdoor and indoor (someone please teach the Spanish the concept of isolation) and I came up with the idea of preparing fårikål.

However, as a poor student I couldn´t afford the mutton and ended up preparing kålikål (or cabbage in cabbage).


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