How strange it may sound, I am inspired by airports. When at
airports I am inspires to think big thoughts and write. Is it because of what I
see? What I hear?

“Last call for passengers Nielsen and Yoon-Lee, the gate is closing.”

Airports are noisy. Yes. To me – a constant buzzing sound,
comfortable. And I know I will not be disturbed, although it is noisy. A noisy
environment where you´re disturbed every 5 minutes, would annoy me. Airports?

Being on the way, for business or pleasure, or maybe just
travelling home; people at airports are filled with expectations. The movement
is constant. People, luggage, airplanes, sound, information. A constant, never

Airports have good light – gigantic windows. If I ever have
a house, I will have large windows. Lots of light and a lot of view.

“Good afternoon. Flight SK1638 to Copenhagen is now ready for boarding at gate B24. Passengers seated from row 15 to 30 are kindly asked to board the plane at the back entrance.”

Airports never sleep. They are vivid. It´s an international place,
we are on international ground. We share the facilities, we function together
in order to progress the movement. A mini
version of the whole world (the peaceful version…) People… Arab, European, American,
Asian, Russian, young, old, religious, dressed for business or wearing leather
pants and piercings, burkas, different languages, different preferences. It all meets at airports. And it works.
Forward. Manpower goes hand in hand with modern technology. We respect waiting
lines. We respect each other. Why don´t we do that elsewhere?

Airports give the basis for a
functional environment. The movement is constant.

“Flight LH1448 to Moscow-Domodedovo wih departure time 13:25 has been delayed. Please contact your airline for further information”

Despite the hassle that
accompanies modern travel (online check-ins, bag drop off queues, liquid
limitations, and although you wear no
metals, it beeps when passing the security check; having to take off the belt and
the watch and the bracelet and the shoes.. still beeping… Then putting it
all back on…) Additionally I have to mention that I was never stuck at an
airport due to bomb threats, volcanic ash or storms. I appologize my enthusiasm
to those who have. However, I have had my experiences with regards to delays,
overbookings, technical problems…

Overbooked in Havana, Cuba; 14
hours waiting for the next plane uncertain if there´s a seat available… Airport
shuttle bus breakdown on the freeway, 5 km away from Incheon airport, Seoul,
South-Korea – resulted in a night on an airport bench and the cost of a new
ticket with another airline. Missing connecting flights (too many to bother
mention any). Waiting for plane parts flying in from other countries, for 10
hours or so, due to technical problems discovered after boarding. And then, not
seldom, the magical word DELAYED has resulted in a measureable effect in terms
of increased travel expenditure (Fashion shop Celine, terminal 2E; Charles de
Gaulle, Paris) and a decrease in level of patience.

Goethe said “Do not travel to
reach a destination, but to travel”. And I agree; travel for the sake of
travelling. When planes are delayed or have technical problems; something is
wrong and I am happy to wait till it’s fixed. Furthermore, it is not under my
control or influence, and not under the control of the (poor) crew working at
the gates (whom always receive reprisals from angry passengers).

“We wish you a pleasant flight. Thank you for flying with Norwegian”

At airports, I most often find
myself at a table. With my laptop or pen and paper, a book, a coffee, the newspapers
of the day, the boarding pass and a clear mind. I am on my way to somewhere. I
am focused and exist in the moment, in the middle of surroundings in constant movement.
The mind, the thoughts and the idea factory runs smoothly
forwards, just like everything else around. On the way to somewhere; one step
at a time.

Safe travels everyone!

Vagablond – out&about