The journey back (REISEN TILBAKE)

This fall, three Norwegian aid veterans are returning to countries they used
to work in. However, they do not intend to travel alone. The aid workers will
be accompanied by nine common Norwegians who will report on the effects of
Norwegian aid.

Norway has been involved in public development aid since 1952. The goal has always
been to fight poverty – with different means. Many projects over the years have
given people a new existence, dignity and faith in the future. But there are also
projects where patience is tested.

Three former aid workers will be making a trip back to where they worked,
meeting people they worked with at the time, and look at what has happened to
the communities and the people.

Nine ordinary Norwegians will travel with the veterans. These will give you a glimpse
of Norwegian assistance. They should convey what they experience and share with
you their reflections on what they see. The travelers will also meet people and
hear their stories, both people who have worked with the assistance and people who
have benefited from assistance. Everyone has a story.

The journey back is Norad’s information campaign to disseminate the results of Norwegian

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The Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad) is
a directorate under the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA).

This year Norad arranges the “journey back” to Zambia, Nepal
and South-Africa.

I am a contestant and in the run for participating on the journey
to Zambia.

Give me your vote and I will do my best to communicate my
experiences and share it with you.

Let me give something back – by being part on the Journey

To vote, please follow the link: (select Nicole Jacqueline
Schmitz and press the “FERDIG” button. You can vote 1 time per device, so
please vote from your iPhones and iPads in addition to your Macs and PCs!),97

Thanks in advance! Voting ends Monday October 10 at 14:00
(Norway time)

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