Somewhat travel-related, I found these two jokes the other day smiley hi hi hi

A tall dark stranger on the train

Through a scheduling mix up, a man and a woman who have
never met before find themselves in the same sleeping
carriage of a train.

It’s late, the train is full, and
everyone else is already asleep.
After the initial embarrassment,
they both manage to get to sleep; the woman on the top
bunk, the man on the lower.

In the middle of the night the woman leans over and
says, “I’m sorry to bother you, but I’m awfully
cold and I was wondering if you could possibly pass
me another blanket.”

The man leans out and, with a glint in his eye, says,
“I’ve got a better idea … let’s pretend we’re

“Why not,” giggles the woman.

“Good,” he replies. “Get your own blanket.”

Travelling through heaven

Once there were three men, Dave, John, and
Sam, who were involved in a tragic car accident in which
all three died.
As they stood at the gates of heaven
St. Peter came up to them and said, “You will all
be given a method of transportation for your eternal
use around heaven. You will be judged on your past deeds,
and will have your transport chosen accordingly.”

St. Peter looked at Dave and said, “You, Dave,
were a bad man. You cheated on your wife four times!
For this, you will drive around Heaven in an old beat
up Dodge.”

Next St. Peter looked at John and said,
“You, were not so evil, but you still cheated on
your wife two times. For this, you will forever travel
around heaven in a Toyota stationwagon.”

St. Peter
finally looked at Sam, and said, “You, Sam, have
set a fine example. You did not have sex until after
marriage, and you never cheated on your wife! For this,
you will forever travel through heaven in a Ferrari.”

A short time later, Jon and Dave pulled up in their
cars next to Sam’s Ferrari and there he is, sitting
on the hood, head in hands, crying. “What’s wrong,
Sam?” they asked. “You got the Ferrari! You
are set forever! Why so down?”

Sam looked up, ever
so slowly opened his mouth and cried, “I just saw
my wife go by on a skate board.”