It is hereby witnessed that the Norwegians, and Norwegians only, are born with skis on their feet! I am German, so please have me excused..

Day 2 with skis on my feet and they are nothing but unstable, slippery and insanely fast. it feels. A kid aged approx 11 skated past me, downhill.. SKATED! At that moment I realised I wasn’t that pro after all (we had skated and climbed hills, I was short of breath and took on my best downhill position as I approached the edge of the hill; knees bent, weight forward, stiff as a dead person and slower than a slug) Anyway, it is great sports and I have considered giving it up after two times. It is a killer!

Breathing ice cold air, falling on hard snow, 11-year old baby having better techniques and the work of taking off the wax after each session… bleh. And the sticks, not to forget about the sticks! They could indeed kill you, at least blind you within a nanosecond if you’re not paying attention! Dangerous dangerous, and yet no warning stickers on the equipment. Giving up?

Hell no. I will be a pro, just wait and see! My motivation is on the absolute contrary level as my current technique, or art, name it whatever you want.

Together with friend Anki we will take over the hills of Konnerud and become the queens of the slopes! (She is Norwegian though, so there is no excuse for her)

I actually imagined really well the sound of cow bells and a cheering audience when we entered the last 50 metres towards the parking area. I was skating like a goddess. 10 metres behind me came Anki with a broken binding. Oh yes, we competed towards the finish line (the car park), and I crossed it first. I WON!

Anyways, at a 7km/hour speed, there is room for improvement and the upcoming weekend I will dedicate all my time on my new skis. (You were hereby informed; there is free entertainment skating around the Norwegian wood this weekend)

I wish you a nice one!

Vagablond -out&about