Bad bad Monday.

I woke up early (05:30) and happy (

) .

Lots of snow and lots of motivation to get early to
work and start the week being efficient. All things were fantastic! – till I
got out of bed. I hit my toe on the bed, ouch. I lit the light – light bulb
died. Well well.. bad start, happy ending, right?

Shower. No conditioner.. Pfff… Hairdryer causes
electricity fall out.. Great.
Bad hair day. Still early.

No milk..

Shovelling snow (06:10-06:30). Arriving at the garage.
Opening the garage. Opening the car door. Starting the car? Nope. Batteries
flat. Great. (06:35)…(06:45)…(06:50)

I phone a friend who, to my luck, overslept – she can
pick me up. (07:00)… (07:10) COLD (07:12) I hear a car! Not my friend. I stop
the car anyway and get help with the flat batteries. I cancel the pickup service
and drive quickly to work. Not all the way though. 5 km on the road and I
remember I have changed my handbag. I didn’t bring my work access badge. 07:35:
U-turn. 07:45: Back to where I was, on the way to work. Almost no fuel – but
sufficient not to bother fuelling. I have no more time to loose!

RUSH HOUR. (08:00)… (08:10)… (08:20)

Arriving the office: 08:40! Never been this late.

Too much work ³. Too short lunch.

16:30 At the dentist.

17:00: A new appointment at the dentist in two weeks.
Wisdom tooth bye bye.

Heading home. 17:45 No fuel.

Fuel price has gone up with 3 NOK since the morning.
Great. Overpriced. Grumpy…

Home. Shovelling snow. Tired.

Now: Monday bye bye.

Vagablond –