Packing packing..

I am a terrible packer. A last-minute packer, an undesicive packer, an either “overweight packer bringing much more than I could ever use” or a “way to little-packer arriving with less than what I need”.

So, what to bring this time?

I love making to-do lists. But pack-lists? No. Never made one. Doesn´t work for me.
How I pack?
I open all the drawers and doors of my wardrobe, randomly select clothing and hope that whenever I will use it they´ll combine and look good.

Tomorrow I am travelling with 4 luggage items. Light weight? Niet.

1 regular bag, 1 ski-bag, 1 bag the ski-boots and a backpack.
(If you are sherpa and read this, flight is at 11:00 and some assistance would be great.)

Travelling to Flachau, Austria. Long time, no see, no ski.

I used to work as a travel guide on skis there seasons 03/04 and 05/06. Heading back will be great;)
Skiing, skiing, skiing, eating schnitzels, apres-skiing in Hofstadl, jaegermaisters and lots lots of other things/drinks.

Ok, I have postponed the packing long enough now. Wish you all a great first week of February. For sure I will have one!


And thanks for the champagne today!

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