And the skiing trip to Austria is now officially over (apart from the fact that I still feel it in my buttocks when taking the stairs).

Everything was great on the flight down and we arrived eager and excited for the upcoming week. The pension I had booked, named Schrempfgut, was so-so and located a bit outside town. Bad however were the beds, hard as rocks. And the bed was to become were I spent the first 36 hours of the trip. Stomach flu, fever and back ache. Grrrrrrrreat.

I recovered somewhat quickly and forced myself to ski as I after all was on a SKIING trip. No time to lose. The first two days on skis I barely remember. We saw nothing, as there was no sunshine. And we spent most of the time in huts and cabins drinking hot chocolate and gluehwein as the outdoor temperature at times reached -25.

Halfway in the stay we decided to do a daytrip to Bad Gastein. Thats about 47km of skiing from Flachau (excluding bus rides, including lift rides) Although we still had no sunshine, we had a rise in temperature. At -15 skiing was all of a sudden comfortable. And with my new invested black face mask, which made me look like a ninja, I could ski without having to bother about frost bites in my face.
I felt how the healthy version of myself returned to my body after days of absence.. and I was beginning to enjoy the skiing and seeing the potential increase for the next couple of days: Snow fall was forecasted and this means powder!

Then my boyfriend all of a sudden turned white and wrenched his stomach inside out.
In the restaurant. In a ski hut. Behind a bus stop. And in the hotel. Over and over.
So much for a recovery.

we somewhat managed to enjoy a couple of parties, we celebrated a birthday with
a toboggan competition at night, we both became fed up with the 2012 après ski
hit “mosa mosa, asi voce me mata”, we had some nice meals with traditional
Austrian food (although I found it quite sad to pay for food I knew I
wouldn´t digest) , we danced to wannabe-stars in a barn, we went downhill
with a camera on the helmet, we pumped powder for 2 days and had a pleasant
time together with sweaty, naked, fat, old men in a hotel sauna.

Conclusion: travel to the Alps when the sun is out, when temperature is human, when you have exercised sufficient in advance for your legs to put up with half a meter of powder and when feeling well 🙂

Fair to mention is that we on our departure day both felt well, the sun was out and we had 2 hours of skiing with the mountains to ourselves as we were first ones up with the gondola in the morning.

First tracks – unbeatable.

Vagablond – out and about