I smell freshly brewed coffee and as I open my eyes the smell is confirmed reality and not just a dream as I see him standing on the doorstep of the bedroom with two cups in his hands. Good morning – coffee in bed, enjoyed to the wonderful view of snowcapped mountains in remote Norway.

A small breakfast and then jumping into a thermo suit; scarf, gloves, hat, goggles, gaiters.. and more of the fresh coffee on a thermo can. -3 degrees and partly clouded. The clouds move fast, so it might become windier during the day.

Off we go across the frozen lake, through the birch forest, crossing a river and we head up up up.. On the hillsides, cruising into the day on a snowmobile. Heading for the two peaks Hallingknatten and Korpenatten before returning to the heated cottage.

Snowmobilesafari turns out to become a reindeersafari. A reindeer herd of 70 or so animals trott along the hillside, moving as if they where a scarf blowing in the wind. Synchronized, just like a brown-grey wave, floating along the highlands. Impressive. I spot a grouse, camouflaged in white feathers in the snow. As it takes off to avoid being digested by our vehicle, it becomes windier. The sky turns grey. It seems like the sun has set, as the sky turns darker. A magic contrast between the dark, fast moving clouds and the clean, white, frozen ground and shapes of an iced landscape.

The wind takes up more and takes along small ice and snow flakes from the ground, throwing them around and up in the air. Faster. More. Harder. Colder. Free facial peeling treatment as we speed up on the snowmobile deciding to head back to the cottage.

As we turn, the contrasts in the landscape dissapear as everything now is white. The ground, the wind, the sky. Rough. Beautiful. Nature.

We spend the evening indoors as the wind continues to increase in strength. A bottle of wine. Another bottle of wine. Fire in the oven. Valentines day.

Good morning. Waking up to the view of snowcapped mountains. The aggressive winds of the night has transformed the smooth snow of yesterday into frozen waves and aggressive looking ice sculptures. “We are trapped”.
The roads are blocked. We decide to stay a day longer in the mountains. Valentines day extended.

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