Physically I am back in the office. I am here, that must be
sufficient evidence. Mentally I am still on a plastic mattress in the pool in
Spain. The sun licks my body, the crickets sing, the wind smells like Hawaii
flowers and being well aware of the rosé cava set for cooling for the sundowner
later on, life is paused. I have no deadlines and my ego is slowly re-booting.
My fingers dance on the water surface. Plick plock. Holiday.

The spreadsheets and numbers in front of me now drift away
far into the screen. Just like the sand taken by waves off the beach, silently
disappearing far away into the horizon.

However, far far away in the horizon the wave comes back on
shore to me and all of a sudden my vision of a horizon is brutally interrupted
by a grey room-divider which separates my desk from the one of a colleague.
Pinpointed calendars, currency rate sheets, company slogans and to-do lists
stare at me with an “Hola? Hello? Will you return to this planet soon?” Well.
Not completely there yet. Just a coffee, then “just” checking some holiday
pictures on the phone, then “just” checking the weather in Spain.. and compare
it with the forecast for Norway. Immediate sadness. Then “just” this and “just”
that, and then its lunch. The phone rings.

Ok. Back to reality. Re-booting on hold. I hear you mister

Physically I am back in the office. And reality has

Once the focus takes over, reality isn´t that bad. It is the
contrast to what makes the holiday even more fantastic. And fantastic is what I
like – so I will hold on to this holiday hangover for as long as I