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EAT Posted on 2011-09-27 11:48:58

Elected the national dish of Norway in the 70`s, fårikål is a winner every early autumn. I already look forward to prepare this extremely easily cooked dish and enjoy it after a day spent outdoors.

A plate of fårikål looks nothing like the colourful autumn nature, it looks undelicate and some people react to the smell of the mutton.
However, it is a poor mans delicassy and every norwegian is obliged to have a plate once a year.

Literally fårikål means “mutton in cabbage”. How you prepare it?
Throw pieces of mutton with bone, cabbage-quarters and whole black pepper into a cassserole. Cover with water and let it cook for hours. Serve it with boiled potatoes.

Feast Day (Fårikålens festdag) is celebrated on the last Thursday in September each year – so now you know what to do on Thursday!


I remember student life in Barcelona and especially a cold evening where I was longing for something that reminded me of home. I was homesick, it was autumn.. Windy and cold outdoor and indoor (someone please teach the Spanish the concept of isolation) and I came up with the idea of preparing fårikål.

However, as a poor student I couldn´t afford the mutton and ended up preparing kålikål (or cabbage in cabbage).


Vagablond -out&about


EAT Posted on 2011-05-24 16:22:41

Det er lite som
slår norsk brødmat ass!

Tommel opp for Kneipp
med ost, agurk og paprika, et glass iskald melk og etterpå en kopp kaffe fra traktern, som nytes fra kjøkkenbordet med utsikt over Konnerud. Da er jeg “hjemme” smiley

Og nå som jeg har tilfredsstilt behovet, så kan en sommer uten brød vœrsågod og begynne. Hurra for sommer og hurra
for god mat.


EAT Posted on 2011-04-30 17:00:07

Why do all Argentinians eat gnoccis on the 29th of every month?

Apparantly, with reference to the date, this is the time of month when money comes short – and since gnocci ingredients are at low cost, this has become a tradition.

Every months end you will see the “Menu of today” in most of the local cafes, bars and restaurants include a gnocci-dish!

And it is delicious – with tomato sauce or (my favourite) mushroom cream.

Ñoq´n roll!

Out for Breakfast

EAT Posted on 2011-03-28 20:04:54

Sitting at another charming café with my morning cappuccino and a table delicately prepared for a long-haul breakfast. Monday. 9:30. People rush by in their suits, in taxis, on bikes, with headphones, without, stressed or not. All kind of people, with all kind of destinations (mainly offices it seems).

At my table however, time stands still. Everthing around me is moving fast. I am at pause.


The smell of freshly baked bread.

The yet unread newspaper.

I make myself comfortable and enjoy every little thing about not being in movement or in a hurry like the rest of the world around me.

Pooring some juice. Reading about Christina (la presidente). Ordering another coffee. Not bothered about doing the dishes…

An hour passes and I am satisfied. Filled with sufficient coffeine and news I am ready to grasp the day.

Going out for breakfast – a well invested timeout that accumulates a certain level of happiness for the rest of the day. To be repeated!

Vagablond – out&about


EAT Posted on 2011-03-16 23:42:15

I have a thing for blueberry scones,

cappuccino and high-tech phones

(only thing that rhymed with scones. I have an old sonyerricson which refuses to function from time to time.. no high-tech here, but in my imaginary world I am all about high-tech! anyway.. Poem continues)

Today it controlled me,

my inner beast,

I had two scones and an ice cream

– at least

Living big city life is a pleasure indeed,

but all these cafés lead to temptations and needs,

needs of wants and must-haves

I cannot control,

and once inside Starbucks,

I loose it all.

At Starbucks I put low,

my “shoulds” and no-no,

I order some scones and

coffes to-go.

If I don´t leave, but decide to stay,

someone should warn me, inform me,

it is NOT okay!

A double macciato and a müsli-bar,

followed by an espresso and a yoghurt-jar,

to cool off; a frappé,

and then an ice-latte,

before the temptation of a strawberrycake,

and last a desicion I did not make;

to volunteer for new tastes and flavours

of cupcakes and muffins,

a sinful behaviour!

And off I went,

feeling guilty, head bent..

skipping the gym for a caloric event,

to vote for a muffin with a choco-mint-accent!

(At least I use my right to vote!)

Knowing tomorrow will be a low-cal day,

where inner beasts better

be out of my way,

but we ladies,

we go on and we still feel okey,

we need it,

we want it

and it is a blessing

one could say… (but just on this particular day)

To obey a sin,

be it pride or lust,

is never win-win,

but to us it´s a must;

to dig into chocolates and other temptations,

to become high on sugar

and receive that ecstatic Starbucks salvation.

Cupcakes, sweets, chocs and cakes

In the end we complain

about stomach-aches!

but is the ache

caused by it the intake of sweets – that sum up to a myriad?

The more I think,

the better it gets,

an excuse we have,

and we name it our period!

Happy days of PMS!

Vagablond -out&about


EAT Posted on 2011-02-24 04:38:52

Mmmmm.. yummi. Stuffed empanadas.

My favourite so far is with carne picante – spicy beef meat.

For 5peso per empanada – it´s a great late night post tango snack. (However, make sure to burn off approx 460 kcals whilst tango dancing as this is the amount you intake per serving…)

No idea how to prepare them – but found an online recipee. I will however stick to the 5peso ones – I don´t like to bake and I am sure I will never manage to create same value for money:) Let me know how it went if you try.

Polluted Nectarines

EAT Posted on 2011-02-19 01:11:10

Buenos Aires = Good Winds.

As in “fresh air”?

I suppose not.

There are plenty of small fruit and vegetable shops around and as self-declared fruitoholic I almost felt blessed when I found out there was a “fruteria” just outside where I live. Juicy nectarines, massive grapes, organic apples, deep red tomatoes, lots of bananas, mangos and green things I haven´t tried (which I assume might be some kind of little pumpkin) and pineapples.

After a long and cold winter in Norway the body revives from the first tasty fruits – (which in Norway are two of a kind; the oranges/mandarines in December and strawberries in June/July) Nevertheless, my attention was drawn towards the juicy nectarines. I could already imagine the delicious taste in my mouth when I wrapped them into a piece of paper and put them in my bag – saving them for a perfect spot – to make the body-revival-seanse most perfect.

After strolling around for an hour I found the perfect spot in a park. A bench in the sun. YUMMI! As usual I don´t bother too much about peeling and took a BIG BITE. My facewas covered with juices and my mouth with disgust.

Pure pollution embodied in a nectarine.

No need to describe how I almost vomited..

General travel advices always tell you to PEEL any fruit or vegetable that is not boiled. I tricked myself into believing it was only the nectarine skin that was polluted and gently peeled it with my teeth, avoiding any tongue contact (must have looked odd)

Thereupon I took a second BIG BITE into pure nectarine flesh.

Correction: Polluted nectarine flesh.

Never having a nectarine with origin from a region of “fresh air” ever again.

Vagablond – out&about


EAT Posted on 2011-02-15 18:15:48

For those planning to climb a mountain tomorrow, this veggie-gratin will ensure you make the summit!

*Delicious with a beef or pork filet

For 2 you need:

Whatever veggies you have, chop in small slices or pieces and put in a fireproof bowl. Add a good load of olive oil, salt&pepper and lots of provence herbs. Strew a handfull cheese on top and add 1 dl of cream for some extra hipgold. Approx 20 mins at 180°C

I usually use the following:

> 1-2 potatoes
> 1 chili
> 1/2 zucchini
> 1 carrot of gooood size ; )
> 1/2 broccoli
> 2-4 garlic pieces
> 1 handfull cheese
> 1 dl cream or fat milk

Don´t forget the red wine!


EAT Posted on 2011-02-11 12:38:58

My favourite dish in Spain is Gazpacho – serve it ice cold on a hot day and you feel your body revitalizes!

Directions for 2 persons (if not in Spain)

1. In a blender combine the veggies you have, but basically you need: two tomatoes, half a cucumber, as much garlic as you like, half an onion, a green bell pepper quarter, a pimento and 1,5 cups tomato juice. Blend at high speed to puree the vegetables. Add some tasty olive oil (4-5 tablespoons) and vinegar (1-2ts) and S&P as you like.

2. Cover it and refrigerate till it is well chilled:)

3. Chop whatever veggies you have to serve as accompaniments with the soup: My favourites are: onion, tomato, cucumber, roasted pine-seeds, avocado, garlic/chili. Breadlovers add croutouns and voíla: BUEN PROVECHO

Directions for 2 persons (if in Spain)

1. Buy a litre of gazpacho at the supermarket, add chopped veggies and voíla: BUEN PROVECHO!


EAT Posted on 2011-02-07 18:44:56

Did you know one small bag (300grams) of Haribo sweets contains 1000 kcals?