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On the way - through life and around the world - this blog consists of Vagablonds stories, thoughts and ideas.
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gentle welcome in Norway

BLOND Posted on 2011-05-17 17:52:34

I have to add a small change in my previous statement; It should be “Travelling blond rocks! Outside Norway!”

I arrived Drammen train station last night with A LOT of luggage.
As the train station in Drammen has no trolleys – and the walk way was closed for construction, it was me, my bags and the stairs.

However, I was not the only one who got off the train in Drammen – I was happy to see 7-8 big men with briefcases only. A moment afterwards happiness turned to disappointment as 7 or 8 men with briefcases passed me – one of them even stepped OVER my bag at the bottom of the stairs. I asked loud if there was an elevator somewhere around – or some help maybe – and the last of them was superpolite who cared to turn back and answer “NO”. And there I was – all alone.

Thanks for helping x 7 or 8.

Vagablond – out&about

Travelling blond

BLOND Posted on 2011-05-17 11:04:04

It´s a curse and a blessing at the same time; travelling

Out of the 21 people waiting in front of me at customs for
the holy stamp that refunds your tax, I was the only one selected to display
all the items I had purchased. A curse? Yes. Why? Always me.

Always? No. The customs attendant was female – and this is
when blond becomes a curse, when the “opposite side” is female (at least in any
Latin-related country). If you haven´t been to Ezeiza, the airport in Buenos
Aires, I could tell you that customs there is a rather public matter. You are
not brought into a separate room to let them check your goods, nope, in between
check in counter 76 and 73 you´ll find the customs. It is actually a check-in
counter renamed “Adeana”.

And if the customs want to see your purchases you have to
open your bag on your side of the counter, hand it over to the bitch who
searches the “made in Argentina”-tag. Tango shoes – ok, clothing – ok, but then
every single lingerie item I had bought too?

And there the string went over the counter. Blush. And a
bra. Blushing more, and another bra. AT least all the hungry eyes of bored
co-travellers who´d lined up in kilometre long check-in lines were pleased. At
the end of the public bag x-raying I got all my stamps – ha. No cheating, hence
Blond vs Bitch, 1:0.

After the stamp collection I had to repack my 32 kilos of
luggage. And yes, that’s 9 kilos excess weight when travelling Air France.
Whops. However, now the blessings began smiley

The man that coordinated the check-in queues had observed me
at customs (just as everybody else) and he let me pass through to the business
class check in. Economy check-in: LONG waiting time. Business class check-in:
NO waiting time. 2:0

The young man at the counter was so happy to see me he
forgot everything about excess weight. 3:0 He also called for another guy to
“assist” me all the way to tax refunds – and so I didn´t have to bother
carrying my excess weight hand luggage. 4:0

At migration I had to wait like everybody else – 50 minutes
or so – that was boring. I needed a coffee thereafter and as I found out at the
cashier I didn´t have enough change, the barista blinked at me and said “buen
viaje” the moment he placed the paper cup in my hand. Gracias. 5:0

Boarding opened and the young man from check-in remembered
me and let me and all my hand luggage board first with all the small ones and
their exhausted parents. 6:0. A French guy stored my heavy hand luggage in the
gloves department, 7:0, and right now I sit at 41L looking at a beautiful sky
over Uruguay, the moon is about to take over the main role on the sky stage and
the champagne is very tasty. 8:0

Grateful. Travelling blond rocks!

PS: I actually made it 12:0 today, and if you haven´t
considered bleaching your hair before your next take off you can continue

9:0 : I didn´t have to carry my 32 kilo bag one single
meter. My roommates’ boyfriend took care of it from the 3rd floor to
the taxi. Taxi driver took care of it from the taxi to the bus. Random guy took
care of it from the bus to customs.

10:0 The taxi driver gave me a 2peso round-off (I told him
the scam-poop story)

11:0 The bus driver allowed me travelling on the same bus
ticket I had used a couple of times before.. (haha, $54 saved!)

12:0 I was given a big, wet good-bye kiss on the cheek before
boarding from the most charming guy at the airport – he had three
different kinds of Skittles and the stickiest fingers you can imagine.

Vagablond –

You Know You’re Meant To Be An Entrepreneur When…

BLOND Posted on 2011-05-13 18:16:08

I surfed the internet this morning for some motivation, and found – where Tany Mundo had published “You know you´re meant to be an entrepeneur when…”

10. You have perfected the interviewing process
because you cycle through jobs more often than you need to change the
oil in your car, in search of the perfect position

9. You wake up at 3:00 in the morning, popping out
of bed so that you can hurry up and write down that awesome idea that
you just got done dreaming about

8. You get hired as a store clerk but you are
constantly analyzing how the store could run more efficiently and be
more profitable, so you create a spreadsheet for your manager and get
into trouble for insubordination

7. You have three or more books, gone to two workshops, learned a new language, and a new computer program all this week

6. You can’t have conversations with anyone without
having to whip out your notepad because what they have said spawns all
kinds of business ideas in your mind

5. Your three-year-old knows how to say and spell
entrepreneur, return on investment, profit margin, market analysis,
business plan, and leverage, and they also can define each of them

4. Your morning commute consists of going down the stairs and into your home office (phew! what a trip!)

3. You can’t participate in conversations about what
happened last night on all of those popular television shows because
you have never even watched an episode (except for those that you have
carefully selected and recorded to be watched at your discretion)

2. All your friends and family think you are crazy
because you left that “good job with benefits” and you keep talking
about all of those goofy ideas that they think you’ll never be able to

1. You absolutely can’t wait for Monday (especially right after the holidays)!!

Its Friday – have a good weekend, soon it is Monday:)

Vagablond – out&about

Earth & Air

BLOND Posted on 2011-04-30 17:21:57

Wow – the world is shaking!

Some experts in a quake-forum (don´t ask me why I was reading comments in a quake forum..) say California is about to experience a big one!

And – just as always – before I am about to fly, I find out about some plane crash.


But very interesting indeed – Ryanair had an emergency landing in Sweden! And a plane was attempted hijacked in Italy – meanwhile some drunk person grounded a transatlantic flight on Iceland. Ha!

Vagablond – out&about


BLOND Posted on 2011-04-27 17:22:39

I was just uploading some of my (must admit) BEAUTIFUL shots of mount
Aconcagua and the Andes when I questioned myself – what are the other 5
summits out of the 7 which are on my “to-do/see-before-I-die-list”?

As I considered Mt Elbrus last year, I was confident about Europes
highest peak. In Africa there really is Kilimanjaro only, apart from Mt
Kenya. And North-America I know – do you?
I forgot about the name of that Antarctic peak – and in Australia I just know Uluru.

Would you have known?

ASIA – Mt EVEREST (8,848m/29,029ft)

SOUTH AMERICA – ACONCAGUA (6,962 m/22,841 ft)

NORTH AMERICA – Mt MCKINLEY (6,198 m/20,335 ft)

AFRICA – KILIMANJARO (5,893 m/19,334 ft)

EUROPE – ELBRUS (5,642 m/18,510 ft) (Mt Blanc is 4,810m/15,781 ft)

ANTARCTICA – VINSON MASSIF (4,892 m / 16,050 ft)
(maybe not on my to-do-list after all. Just checked the weather and its
currently -48°C there -and real feel temperature is -78°C.. Climbing
season is January-March – summer months, when temperature average -30°C.
Thats the temp we had last Christmas home in Norway. And it was

AUSTRALIA/OCEANIA – PUNCAK JAYA (4,884 m/ 16,024 ft)

Vagablond – out&about

Greek Geek

BLOND Posted on 2011-04-08 02:26:08

Today I had my first class of greek.

Yes, greek.

You must be thinking; has she gone mad?

And I am thinking exactly the same!

I learned the alphabet and how to construct sentences.

I learned the nominative, the dative, the genitive and the accusative or whatever these grammatical cases are called in English…

One of my Spanish professors happens to be a student of the greek language. So today I learned as much Greek as one could possibly learn within 4 hours – lectured in Spanish. Dios mio! or Θεέ μου if you like… (OMG)

Very interesting actually!

Did you know that βιβλίο “biblio” means book or literature?

That φίλο “filo” means friend, love or beloved?

or that σοφία means wisdom? (Sofia)

What I found interesting and what the rest of you g(r)eeks probably will find too, was to put together single words and find out how these have been derivated from greek!

All the different expressions such as archaeology, chronology, psychology, monologue… yes! haha, decoding words.

Almost as excited as Mr. Robert Langdon must have been cracking the Da Vinci code!

Archas (αρχή) = “beginning”.

Logo or logos (λόγος) = “word/s”, logia = “many words” –> study

Archaeology = study of the beginning

Great, isn´t it?

You all know what MONO means, hence a monologue = single word (μονόλογος)

But what does chrono mean, as in chronology?

Or psyche as in psychology?

And, to round it off, the word of today:

φ ι λ ο σ ο φ ί α

consisting of the words meaning friend/beloved and wisdom.

The love for wisdom, Philosophy.

Beautiful, isn´t it?

Vagablond – out&about